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Name Address Office email Office Phone
1 DR. K.C. SUNNY Dean, Faculty of Law
Department of Law,Central India poker online of Kerala, Valanjavattom P.O, 9446899001
2 DR. K. AJITHA Dean, Faculty of Humanities
Professor, Department of Hindi
CUSAT, Kochi-22 4842575954
3 DR. V. SIVANANDAN ACHARI Dean, Faculty of Environmental Studies
Professor, School of Environmental Studies
CUSAT, Kochi 9495383342
4 DR. SAM THOMAS Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Professor,School of Management Studies,
CUSAT,Kochi-22 9846152127
5 DR.M.KAILASNATH Dean Faculty of Technology 919447213863
6 DR. NARAYANAN NAMBOOTHIRI V.N Dean, Faculty of Engineering
School of Engineering, CUSAT,Kochi 9349895949
7 Dr.PRAVEEN LAL K Dean, Faculty of Medical Science and Technology
Jubilee Mission Medical College & Research Centre,
9895647935 9895647935
8 DR.S.BIJOY NANDAN Dean, Faculty of Marine Sciences , Professor, Department of Marine Biology and Microbiology and Bioc
CUSAT,Kochi 9446022880
9 DR.N.BALAKRISHNA Dean, Faculty of Science
CUSAT,Kochi-22 9446605682
10 DR.T.RANJINI BHATTATHIRIPAD Dean Faculty of Architecture
Government Engineering College,Thrissur 9446605682

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