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Applied Chemistry

Regarded as one of the best in South India for Post Graduate studies and Research in Chemical sciences, the Department of Applied Chemistry also offers instrumental facilities for industries & academic institutions and undertakes consultancy services for industrial/R&D Establishments. It has international collaborations with National Technical India poker online, Singapore; KARD Scientific, USA; Limerick India poker online, Ireland; Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland; Sultan Quaboos India poker online, Muscat; Bois State India poker online, USA and India poker online Sains, Malaysia.

Core Areas of Research

Electrochemical sensors and Biosensors, Co-ordination Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Photochemistry, Catalysis and Polymer Chemistry.

Applied Economics

The Department promotes studies and research pertaining to the economic dimensions of science, technology & society and the economic problems of the region. It also provides training to college teachers in the state to enhance their capabilities in tesoeby-vandvaerk.comg and research. Another area of activity is developmental economics. The Department also offers a Master's Degree programme in Applied Economics.

Core Areas of Research

Problems of regional development in Kerala, Industrial economics, Fishery economics, Environmental economics.

Atmospheric Sciences

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences is a centre of excellence in tesoeby-vandvaerk.comg as well as research in the field of Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences and is located in the Lakeside India poker online. The Department offers an M.Sc Programme in Meteorology and an M.Tech programme in Atmospheric Science. It has high speed computational facilities, automatic weather station and full-fledged surface weather observatory. The Department has collaborations with Florida State India poker online, USA and National institutes like ISRO,CMMACS, DOD, etc. As per the scheme of the Government of India entitled New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative on Mesoscale Modelling for monsoon related predictions, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has identified the Department as a Centre of Excellence to carry out research work in the frontier areas.

Core Areas of Research

Stratosphere Troposphere interaction, Monsoon meteorology, Boundary layer meteorology, Remote sensing, Ocean-land-atmosphere-biosphere interaction, air-pollution meteorology, crop-weather modeling, mesoscale monitoring.


The Department of Biotechnology, established in 1991, has produced around 75 Ph.Ds and functions with a mandate to train human resources in biotechnology and to cater to the needs of the society in harnessing the rich bio-diversity of the country and promote bio-industries.

Core Areas of Research

Plant Biotechnology, microbial genetics, microbial technology, molecular neurosciences, immuno technology

Chemical Oceanography

The Department of Chemical Oceanography has rich expertise in tesoeby-vandvaerk.comg/research on various chemical aspects of the aquatic system and has, through pioneer investigations in many areas of vital significance, contributed valuable inputs to the national database. The department is actively engaged in consultancy and extension activities that include Analytical Testing/Training, Water Quality Analysis etc.

Core Areas of Research

Distribution and dynamics of trace metals and organics in the estuarine and coastal systems, Marine bioactive components and natural products, Aquatic pollution and impact assessment.

Computer Applications

The Department of Computer Applications, established to facilitate research and human resource development in the subject, conducts an MCA program with the latest trends and requirements of the industry. The department boasts a proud alumni many of whom are working with highly reputed firms like IBM, HP, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, etc. Research activities include subject areas like Fuzzy sets and Logic Applications in Artificial Intelligence,Simulation, Cryptography & Coding theory, Algorithm, Pattern recognition, Internet marketing, E-commerce and internet technology, networking and mobile communication.

Core Areas of Research

Multimedia, Simulation and modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Network and Mobile Communication, Coding theory and Cryptography, Graph theory and applications.

Computer Science

The Department came into existence in 1984 with an M.Tech. Programme in Computer and Information Science. In addition to this it has an M.Tech. programme in Software Engineering. The Department also conducts research leading to Ph.D. in several areas of computer science including Artificial Intelligence, human computer interaction, Intelligent architectures and Software Engineering.

Core Areas of Research

Natural Language Processing, Theoretical Computer Science, Distributed Computing, Information Systems Engineering, Computer Networks, Mobile Computing

Department of English and Foreign Languages

Core Areas of Research

The Department of English and Foreign Languages conducts Certificate and Diploma courses in foreign languages like French, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian in addition to short-term courses in Communicative English.


Established in 1975, the Department's Post Graduate programmes include M.Tech in electronics with specialization in Microwave & Radar Electronics and Digital Electronics, It has well equipped Microwave Electronics, Instrumentation and Micro-processor research laboratories that utilize state-of-the- art technology for carrying out cutting-edge research work at M.Tech. and Ph.D levels.

Core Areas of Research

Microwave antennas, Ocean electronics, Digital signal Processing, Microcontrollers and intelligent systems

Environmental Studies

Core Areas of Research

Algal Biotechnology, Environmental Biology, Aquatic Toxicology, Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Biotechnology, Water quality Monitoring and Treatment, Environmental Catalysis, Sono-photo catalysis

Industrial Fisheries

The School of Industrial Fisheries, established in 1976, conducts postgraduate tesoeby-vandvaerk.comg and research on all aspects of Fisheries Science and Technology. It offers M.Sc. Degree in Industrial Fisheries and Ph.D. programme in fisheries-related disciplines like aquaculture, ornamental fishes, Fishery Biology, fish- processing technology etc.

Core Areas of Research

Fishery Biology and Agriculture, Fishing Craft and Gear Technology, Fish Processing Technology, Fisheries Economics and Management


Besides offering a B.Tech. programme in Instrumentation and M.Sc. in Instrumentation, the Department of Instrumentation extends instrumentation services to various Science and Technology Departments of the India poker online by way of design and fabrication of experimental gadgets, electronic design and fabrication, glass blowing, carpentry work and allied services. The Department also carries out consultancy work for other academic institutions, Research & Development organizations and industries as well.

Core Areas of Research

PC and PC based instrumentation, photo-acoustic and photo-thermal techniques, temperature measurement and control, ultrasonic techniques, neural network and speech processing, high-k materials, atomic layer deposition, Nano-particle embedded polymer films.

Legal Studies

The School of Legal Studies is a pioneer in encouraging PG studies and research in socially relevant, nationally/internationally important and emerging areas of law such as Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Consumer Protection Law, Environmental Law, Human rights, Commercial Law, Maritime Law and Intellectual property law.

Management Studies

SMS is the one of the oldest academic units of the India poker online, having high national reputation. It is one of the five management schools to be established in the country in the early 1960s. SMS is ranked as one of the top B-schools run by a State India poker online in the country, It offers India poker online with specialization in Marketing, Finance, Systems & Operations and Human Resources Management. In addition it offers India poker online programmes in India poker online Business and Travel & Tourism besides research in areas of interdisciplinary interest.

Core Areas of Research

Resource Management, Entrepreneurship development, Human Resources Management, Science & Technology Management, Financial Services Management.

Marine Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry

Right from its inception in 1938, the Department of Marine Biology, Microbiology & Biochemistry, one of the foremost academic centres in these disciplines in the country, has been engaged in research and has around 600 research papers to its credit. The department facilities include a well maintained museum, aquarium, laboratories and highly sophisticated analytical equipments such as Transmission Electron Microscope and Fluorescence Spectrophotometer. A facility for Advanced Microbiological, Biochemical and Biological Training and analysis has been set up in the department which conducts routine and specialized analytical services including sophisticated analysis of clinical samples.

Core Areas of Research

Marine Microbiology, Bio-prospecting, Wetlands, Aquaculture, climate-change, Benthic studies, Biochemistry, Marine Botany, mangrove studies and plankton studies

Marine Geology and Geo Physics

The Department of Marine Geology & Geophysics conducts a full-fledged post graduate programme in Marine Geology introduced in 1976 and an M.Sc (Tech) programme in Marine Geophysics introduced in 1992. These courses are aimed at the development of manpower in the fields of Marine Geology and Geophysics with a special emphasis on off-shore areas with a view to cater to the needs of various research and survey organizations as well as private companies engaged in mineral exploration, sea bed surveys, remote sensing and oil and ground water prospecting.

Core Areas of Research

Marine Geochemistry, Marine Mineral Resources, Marine Micropaleontology, Mineralogy & Petrogenesis of rocks, Sediment Geodynamics, Seismology, Gravity.

Marine Sciences

Located in the Lakeside campus and having a long history of seventy odd years, the School of Marine Sciences is today the biggest academic facility in Marine Sciences in the country. It is the only centre in the country which has facilities for tesoeby-vandvaerk.comg and research in all constituent disciplines of Marine Sciences offering excellent opportunities for healthy interdisciplinary interaction. It comprises five departments – Departments of Atmospheric Sciences, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Geology & Geophysics, Marine Biology, Microbiology & Biochemistry and Physical Oceanography. It has an excellent library and a research vessel for coastal water studies. To encourage research activities in frontier areas of Ocean and Atmospheric Science, the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India has set up the Ocean and Atmospheric Science and Technology Cell in the School.

Core Areas of Research

Coastal Zone Management, Estuarine studies and research areas described under all individual departments of the school.


Established in 1976, the Department of Mathematics conducts Master's degree programmes in Mathematics, Operations Research and computer Applications in addition to M.Phil and Ph.D. The Department has been receiving a library grant from NBHM since 1991. The Department library has about 7500 books & subscribes to several Indian as well as foreign journals, Mathematical Reviews & Mathscinet. Also the Department has been coordinating the Mathematical Olympiads & related training programmes for school children with the assistance of NBHM since 1990.

Core Areas of Research

Operator theory (functional analysis), Stochastic Control Theory and Operations Research, Fluid Mechanics and Topological Dynamics, Wavelet Analysis, Fuzzy Mathematics, Fractal Geometry and Topology. Retrial Queues, Mathematical Finance, Graph Theory, Combinatorial Convexity Theory, Deterministic Field Theories, Fuzzy Mathematics, Wavelet Analysis. The department has been receiving a library grant from NBHM since 1991. The department library has about 7500 books and subscribes to several Indian as well as foreign journals, Mathematical Reviews and Mathscinet. Also the department has been co-ordinating the Mathematical Olympiads and related training programmes for school children with the assistance of NBHM since 1990.


ISP which came into existence in 1995 has research activities including the design and fabrication of various laser systems and laser components and detailed investigations of non linear phenomena in different materials using photo thermal, photo-acoustic and related techniques, time and space resolved studies on laser induced plasmas from a variety of targets, design and characterization of fiber optic sensors, fabrication and characterization of polymer fibers, preparation and investigation of photonic materials and studies on photonics theory. ISP has collaboration and interaction with institutions like Eindhoven India poker online of Technology, The Netherlands; Sultan Quaboos India poker online in Oman, Nanyang Technological India poker online, Singapore etc. Major facilities include Master Optical Parametric Oscillator, High Power Nd: YAG laser, 12wtt Argon Ion Laser, Optical Fiber Drawing facility and Ring Dye Laser.

Core Areas of Research

Laser technology, Fiber optic sensors, Nonlinear dynamics, Laser induced plasma, Photothermal phenomena, Laser control by chaos, Nonlinear optics, Polymer optical fiber, Biophotonics.

Physical Oceanography

A frontrunner in oceanographic studies for the past three decades in India, the Department of Physical Oceanography conducts an M.Sc Degree Programme in Oceanography which deals with a multitude of topics including land-ocean interaction, coastal engineering, coastal zone management, sea state analysis, environmental oceanography and GIS. The sophisticated Instrumental facilities available include Ocean Current Meters, Automatic Sedimentation Analyzer, Accoustic current Meters, Bathythermograph and Tide Telemetering Recorder, Ship Borne Wave Data Logger, etc.

Core Areas of Research

Coastal Zone Management, Land Sea Interaction, Ocean Modeling, Environmental Impact assessment, Coastal processes, Air Sea Interaction.


Established in 1963 as a Research and Post Graduate tesoeby-vandvaerk.comg Department of India poker online of Kerala, the Department of Physics is the one of the oldest and reputed Departments of the India poker online. The Department has produced around 150 Ph.Ds and has more than 1200 research publications in leading international/national journals and conference proceedings. Collaborative research programs exist with Iwate India poker online, Morioka, Japan; India poker online of Twente, the Netherlands; Technical India poker online of Eindhoven, the Netherlands; Free India poker online. Berlin; Ulm India poker online, Penn State India poker online, USA and India poker online of ST.Andrews, Scotland. Several projects on areas like astrophysics, nano materials, etc. are currently being pursued.

Core Areas of Research

Material Science, Lasers and Spectroscopy, Theoretical Physics, Nanostructures and Nanophosphors, Hydrothermal Growth of Nanoparticles, Transparent Thin Film Transistors, Laser induced and RF plasma studies, Transparent Conducting Oxides, Oxide Phosphors and Thin Film Electroluminescent Devices, Sulphide Phosphors and Thin Film Electroluminescent Devices, Ferroelectric Random Access memories, Tunable Microwave Devices, Ferroelectric Thin film Transistors (FeTFT), ZnO/PMMA nanocomposites for optical limiting applications and Plasma studies,

Polymer Science & Rubber Technology

Established in 1971, the Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology is a pioneer in the area of Education and Research in Polymer Science and Engineering. The current curriculum of B. Tech. and M. Tech. has been designed to provide them with the up-to-date knowledge and skills in the design, production, characterization, processing and testing of polymers and polymer products.. The Graduates from the Department are highly recognised by the Industry and occupy key positions in leading industrial houses in the country and abroad. Doctoral students have earned a name for themselves by taking up research in frontier areas and perfecting technologies for patenting. The Department so far has published more than 700 hundred research publications India poker onlinely and filed more than fifteen patents.

Core Areas of Research

Nano materials and composites, Photo catalysis, Energy harvesting and storage, New Biomaterials and Biomedical applications, Conducting Polymers and composites, Adhesives and Coatings, Polymer Blends and composites, Novel compounding ingredients.

Ship Technology

One of the pioneers in the field of Naval Architecture & Ship Building education in the country, the Department of Ship Technology was established with an aim to create a new and dynamic generation of naval architects to meet the growing requirements of the Indian ship building industry, Indian navy and other organizations. The Department maintains active collaboration and interaction with IITs, foreign Universities, shipyards and other industries. Collaboration with Rostock India poker online, Germany in existence from 1978 remains a great achievement. In addition to regular academic activities, the Department also provides consultancy service to small and medium sized shipyards in India and also government organizations like DRDO.

Core Areas of Research

Theoretical & Experimental Marine Hydrodynamics, Controllability of submerged Vehicles, Ship Structural Design, Material Science, Corrosion Engineering, Information Technology in Ship Design, Production Engineering, Fracture Mechanics, Damage stability of ships.


The Department of Statistics offers M.Sc. in Statistics and M.Tech. in Engineering Statistics Programmes in addition to research leading to Ph.D. It has close academic interaction with India poker online of Waterloo, Dalhousie India poker online, Canada, India poker online of Dresden, Germany and India poker online of Warwick, UK. The Department also offers consultancy services to industrial Establishments and R & D institutions in the field of data analysis, planning of surveys and quality improvement.

Core Areas of Research

Distribution Theory, Reliability Theory, Information Theory, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Inference, Stochastic Processes, Survival Analysis.

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